Space Cops and Aliens (After Effects)

Part three of my glitch videos, this one features animation from Davonne Dupart, Jenna Zona, Dante Destefano and myself. Music by James Ensley. All hand glitched by yours truly.

Buffamech (After Effects):

Ever wonder what a buffalo looks like on the inside? I bet you do! Well, in case you wanted a nice visual of what a buffalo does not look like, please watch this simple rotoscoping video. It’s kind of neat. Made in After Effects.

Laughing Matters (Flash):

Hardly an animation if more of a sequential series of images that create the vague impression of movement, Laughing Matters is an economic attempt at creating a PSA on the dangers of abusive language. This is aimed at the worst offenders, adolescent males! I speak their language! But not like that.

Sleepy Joe (Stop Motion):

Kant can be a real tough nut to crack, eh? Sleepy Joe can’t rest until he’s gotten the better of the nutty philosopher but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen soon. Made with the finest clay and discarded styrofoam, Sleepy Joe appears to live but this only the illusion of cartooning! Science!

Marat’s Tub (Maya):

My very first assignment in Maya! Just look at the care I put into the details of Marat’s room. The water is still warm from his freshly stabbed body. Only his lone quill pen remains, pushed beneath the table by the uncaring Parisian wind. What do you mean my film’s too short? Maya is really hard.

Octopoots (Pencil):

Here now, a pencil for you. Have at this animation, old man! It’s about our hero, Octopoots. He’s found himself a naughty little seaslug and some shenanigans ensue. That’s the guts of the situation! Ho ho ho! (That doesn’t even make sense).

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