2015 Demo Reel

Jeez! It’s dusty in here. I really should be more diligent about these updates, huh? Well, here’s a gussied up demo reel as an apology. Lots of things are happening!

2014 Demo Reel Update

A new aggregation of my work to celebrate the third month of the fourteenth year of the second millennium.  I’m very excited to report that no less than three films on which I have helped will be showing in this years Atlantamation! I will post more about the SCAD film festival soon.

More Art Online

I have had the opportunity these past few days to bring some samples of my work online. It’s been a bit exhausting, fixing up old things and reformatting images. In the future, I hope that my updates will not take as long as building this actual site. It’s all worth it, however, because it means that you can enjoy them. Have fun!


Holy smokes! New things to be added soon. I’ve refined my demo reel into finer working order than ever before, including adding in a new sneak peak from a short film in process of creation. Now is the time, if ever there was a time, to get excited. Check it out in Videos.

That Game We Did

Check out this link:


That was a cool link.

I helped make that thing. Not just the website but the game too. SCAD is a pretty amazing place. I can actively collaborate with other artists and programmers from other other schools in the area! Clockturne is the product of said team effort between SCAD students and Georgia Tech Programmers.